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the yogurt
We enhance the raw materials of our territory aiming at the innovation of taste.
in the sign of the buffalo
our farms in paestum host about 600 buffaloes. our fresh bottled milk comes from them. and then we transform it into many dairy products, yogurts and desserts. the latest thing from our company is just the plant for the production of buffalo milk yogurt.
our yogurts have the unmistakable taste of buffalo milk and organic fruit because we treat the raw materials with care and attention.
Our strength is the closed loop supply chain
we preserve the naturalness of raw materials thanks to cutting-edge technologies, in full compliance with hygiene requirements throughout the entire production cycle.
the recipes of our yogurts are unique and innovative: elaborated by expert technicians and protected by professional secrecy.
We work to keep our uniqueness intact
the milk supply chain
the crops
the raw material comes from an area historically recognized as a producer of high quality milk.
the farms
our stables are periodically subjected to chemical and microbiological tests. the correct nutrition of our buffaloes is fundamental for us.
the milking
it is in this phase that the product is "born". we pay particular attention to the hygienic aspects of the animals, of the stables and of the equipment.
preservation and transport
refrigerated tanks collect fresh milk from the farm every day, keeping it at an optimal temperature of + 4 ° c.
the recipe of taste
strawberries from our vegetable gardens, apricots and citrus fruits from our orchards, wild berries: pure or in original combinations with ginger, carrots and celery. from lemon to vanilla, from cereals to chocolate and hazelnuts, for lovers of contrasts and for those who prefer sweetness.
Good and beautiful
transparent glass to taste the colors of all tastes, blue ceramic for the jar of white yogurt. vertical labels with buffalo are printed with the colors of the taste they represent.
for a yogurt good inside and beautiful outside