fbpx La Dispensa 1988 • Il profumo della terra, il sapore del Cilento
Azienda agricola San Salvatore 1988 di Giuseppe Pagano p.iva 04111650653
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La Dispensa is a rich pause made with good things and the the taste of the land we cultivate respecting the seasonality and the natural agricultural cycle.

And it is more than just a sales point of the San Salvatore farm, it is the gateway to the great Cilentan gastronomic world.

From female buffalos

They only eat hay and straw from our fields. Thanks to their milk we produce PDO buffalo mozzarella, buffalo bites, cheeses, ricotta cheese and many other products with an unmistakable flavor.

From the vineyard

We produce wines with native grapes cultivated in an area that goes from Giungano to Stio. Cecerale, Corleto, Elea, Palinuro, Pian di Stio, but also Calpazio, Vetere, Joy, Jungano and above all Gillo, a special aglianico dedicated to the great master Gillo Dorfles.

From the vegetables garden

La Dispensa is made of the vegetables of our gardens, of the bread and the freselle we produce with the hard wheat we cultivate in Stio Cilento, along with the olive trees from which we obtain an organic extra-virgin olive oil that we use raw and also to cook.

From the kitchen

A lot of excellent raw materials transformed by the hands of the best chefs: our Cilentan housewives, guardians of ancient recipes and busy preparing homemadepasta and cakes; traditional dishes for a special pause.

From the pastry-making

Stio’s pastiera and Cilento’s cannoli, the inevitable zeppola of St. Joseph, thepistachio and figs pie, the scauratella and the buffalo milk ice creams: tradition with abit of modernity. Every day we make handmade sweets and goodies that will be hard to resist to and that will make your pause much more enjoyable.

From Cilento

Cicerale chickpeas and Gorga beans, cured pork meats and cheeses from small local producers and many other special products. At La Dispensa, the Cilento flavors are at your fingertips.

Azienda agricola San Salvatore 1988 di Giuseppe Pagano
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